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Conservation Program
photo by R.L. Kenyon
Mission Statement:
Sea & Sage Audubon Society is an Orange County chapter of National Audubon Society, dedicated to the protection and appreciation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through, education, conservation, scientific research, and volunteer opportunities. Through the Conservation Committee, we promote responsible participation in public policy, support of open spaces, parks, and natural resource management, in order to achieve balanced and environmentally sound ecosystems and communities.
1. Activist involvement with government entities and private business to protect, improve and maintain natural ecosystems. This may include involvement in reviewing public documents, petitioning public officials and speaking out on environmental issue
2. Labor equity involvement with members and other concerned citizens to physically work on projects that protect, improve and maintain natural ecosystems. This may include park cleanups, revegetating a critical area, or monitoring wildlife activity. These activities require a committee that is knowledgeable about environmental issues and should have the ability to investigate and study issues dealing with degradation, enhancement and perpetuation of natural ecosystems and wildlife.  The committee should interface with experts in the field to improve the ability to assess the long-term impact of natural resource degradation; formulate and direct programs and specific projects that might mitigate these issues and work with other conservation groups to achieve these goals.

4th Tuesday Conservation Lectures
Our 4th Tuesday Conservation Lectures are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The lectures will be held in the Learning Center (big gray building) at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine. Doors open at 7:00 PM for snacks and social. Evening program begins at 7:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you on there.
Conservation Committee meetings:
The Conservation Committee meetings are held the 1st Tuesday evening of the month at 6:30 PM. New members are always welcome! 


Science Committee:
The Science Committee solicits grant proposals for small projects or pieces of projects, typically for amounts of up to about $2500. Sea and Sage Audubon has funding for these projects, and is seeking suitable grant proposals from all sources. Typically, such projects are associated with local universities or junior colleges, though we'd consider a grant proposal from any source. We have a team of science experts ready to review the grant proposals and select from the worthiest among them, and this advisory team includes scientists of the highest caliber to be found in Orange County.
2017 Bloom-Hayes Ecological Research Grant
2016 Bloom-Hayes Ecological Research Grants - Awarded

2016 Fern Zimmerman Conservation Award:
Each year, since 1967, the Conservation Committee has presented Letters of Commendation and the Fern Zimmerman Conservation Award to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the protection of habitats, natural resources, birds and wildlife in Orange County.
Who is Fern Zimmerman?

Fern Zimmerman was one of Sea and Sage's all-time most inspirational and enthusiastic members. Fern was a true conservationist, grass roots organizer, and chapter leader who contributed much to the development of Sea and Sage Audubon Society. She helped us find our voice in the world of environmental advocacy and bird identification. 

Many of the chapter's early Conservation Committee Meetings were organized by Fern and held in her living room. Fern was a constant source of optimism about our ability to effect change in our environment, especially in the protection of open spaces. 

Sea and Sage named its conservation award the Fern Zimmerman Conservation Award in 1997, shortly after Fern's death, to honor one of our most cherished members and conservationists.


Dr. Sandy DeSimone, Director of Research and Education, Audubon Starr Ranch, for her work to foster present and future conservation-minded generations through the integrated ecological research, education and land management programs at Audubon Starr Ranch Sanctuary.   

As the Director of Research and Education at Audubon Starr Ranch since 2001, Sandy has worked to promote a “culture of conservation” in Orange County through various education and research programs which offer internships and field research opportunities to recent college graduates and stimulate both children and adults to a greater appreciation of nature through participation in field ecology projects. 

Under Sandy’s adaptive management approach, field ecology research leads to more effective land management practices at Starr Ranch.  One  example is the development of effective  non-toxic methods to control invasive plant species as part of a project to restore Starr's  native habitat in a sustainable manner. The land management practices being developed on the 4000-acre sanctuary provide a successful management model for other land managers and agencies.

Sandy's expertise, which she shares willingly, and her education and research programs, are a valuable resource to Orange County and California Audubon chapters.  Sea and Sage Audubon is grateful for Sandy's many contributions, which will live on in future generations.


A Letter of Commendation will be presented to the Emergent Invasive Plant Management Committee of the Orange County Chapter of the California Native Plant Society for its program for the early detection and control of non-native invasive plant species. We applaud the committee for this volunteer program, which has been operating since 2010, as it seeks to spot non-native plant species that have recently appeared in Orange County and to work with land managers and owners to take action for their removal and possible eradication. 


Environmental Volunteer Opportunities
A list of environmental opportunities for volunteers in Orange County
California Coastal Cleanup Day

Local Conservation Projects
Tree Trimming: Tree Trimming brochure (2013 ed.) and Tree Trimming Packet
Native Plant Nurseries & Websites
Bolsa Chica
Coyote Hills

Bird Research Projects
BirdSeasons CA at the Marsh Urban Nesting Raptors 2016 Bloom-Hayes Ecological Research Grants - Awarded
Least Tern Project Find Banded Hawks 2017 Bloom-Hayes Ecological Research Grants - Application
SJWS Nestbox Study Nesting White-tailed Kite Study  
Turkey Vultures O.C. Snowy Plover Survey  

Conservation Topics - food for thought
The Trouble with Turbines: an ill wind

Contacting Your Legislators
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Links to Other Conservation Organizations
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