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Sea & Sage Audubon Society
Urban Sanctuaries Program
Habitat Protection & Tree Trimming
Resource Packet

Dear Sea and Sage members, supporters and friends,
This packet contains materials and information designed to assist you in your efforts to protect birds within urban habitats, parks and open spaces. Included are form letters, resource guides, protection and regulation information, and contact lists and bird information. Most of the contents are provided to help you pro-actively educate land owners and land managers about the real threats to breeding birds that occur when habitats, especially those in urbanized areas, are not maintained properly.
Additionally, the packet contains some limited information on laws and regulations that are designed to protect all native North American birds, their nests, and their eggs. Hopefully, you can utilize this information in the same pro-active and positive manner.
Unfortunately, you may find the need to access these resources for a situation that is reactive in nature, such as an incident like untimely tree trimming or other habitat destruction during the breeding season. You should note that the information provided is necessarily incomplete and may not accurately apply to all situations. For example, the packet is not designed to address individual homeowner situations except for education about nesting birds and landscape maintenance. Likewise, the packet is not designed to address large scale habitat destruction or legal battles over nest destruction. For serious offences, it is best to get photos, gather facts, and contact one of the wildlife agencies listed in this packet
Our goal is to educate the public, land owners and managers about nesting birds and the need to live with wildlife in urban settings, to make these places sanctuaries where possible. Please hand out or deliver as many of the information flyers and letters as you can. This information will be updated periodically.
Thank you for your help.
Sea and Sage Audubon Society

Contents of Tree Trimming Resource Packet
I. Instructions - Nesting Birds Disturbance Responses
II. Agency Environmental Policies & phone numbers
  A. Migratory Bird Treaty Act - Summary and Contacts
  B. California Department of Fish & Game Code (selected section)
  C. Agency Phone Numbers
III. Informational Letters and Fliers
  A. Request to Trim in Spring form letters (3 versions from which to choose)
  B. Conservation Alert Flier
  C. Please Prune Now flier
  D. Seasonal Tree Trimming flier
IV. Letter Templates - Letters that must be tailored to a specific instance or recipient.
  A. Template letter #1 - Timely Tree Trimming
  B. Template letter #2 - Nesting Birds
  C. Template letter #3 - Nesting Birds on buildings
V. Photos
  A. Results of untimely tree trimming - photo and text
  B. other photos to follow
VI. Bird Care Information
  A. Southern CA rehabilitation centers - contact information
  B. Info about local rehabilitators (in Orange County)
    1. Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center
    2. Orange County Bird of Prey Center
  C. Helping wildlife at home
    1. Found a Baby Bird (Are you a birdnapper?)
    2. Preventing Bird Problems
    3. Ducks & Geese Care
    4. Mallards & their Ducklings
    5. How to Prevent Duck Problems
    6. Baby Season for Squirrels
    7. Maintaining a Hummingbird Feeder

Sea & Sage Audubon Society
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