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Bird Seasons California
~ at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary ~
photo by Trude Hurd
Thank you for participating in this important pilot project of Audubon California and Starr Ranch Sanctuary. Your help is appreciated. — Susan Sheakley
We will follow the Starr Ranch model which surveys 4 weeks each month. Survey weeks and team assignments for 2016 are listed below. We have enough participants for each survey week; however, we are seeking additional volunteers. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Susan Sheakley.
For security purposes, only last names will be listed & no contact information.
Team 1X - S. Counts & A. Stanton
Team 1Y - B. Eastman & B. Sinnott
Team 2X - M. Joseph & D. Lithgow
Team 2Y - B. Eastman & M. Myers
Team 3X - J. Gaffney, N. Kappelmann, M. Myers
Team 3Y - B. Eastman & S. Schwartz
Team 4X - S. Smith & D. Wilson
Team 4Y - S. Sheakley, G. Nothhelfer, J. Nothhelfer
Survey Weeks for 2018
Marsh Route Map (11/28/15)
Clarification of Route to Site 7 (11/28/15)
Updates: Changes and Clarifications (3/31/15)
Map showing Where to View Osprey Nest at pond 5
Phenophase Descriptions
New Phenophase Descriptions (Jan. 2017)
Data Entry Instructions
Data Entry Sheets - new 2018
PowerPoint slides from the Feb. 28 training session
Liability Waiver
updated Feb. 20, 2018


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