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Birding Skills Workshops for Adults
presented by Sylvia Gallagher
Mature teenagers who are interested may also enroll with their parents
House Finch
photo by James Gallagher
Sea and Sage's popular Birding Skills Workshops are conducted by Sylvia Gallagher who has been teaching birding for over thirty years. Each workshop meets once a week for three hours. The number of weeks varies with the material to be covered. Usually there are accompanying field trips, too. In order to accommodate all who want to sign up, multiple sections are offered.

Sylvia has prepared comprehensive sets of worksheets which accompany photos or sound clips. These worksheets call your attention to important identification features of the birds and also convey other useful information about each species — behavior, habitat, etc. Each week, we fill in the worksheets for a group of new birds and view a set of practice slides, or listen to a set of practice sounds covering the previous week's birds.

Sylvia Gallagher's Bird Sound Sets & Workshops
Sylvia Gallagher's bird sound sets with worksheets for Learning CA Bird Sounds and Learning MORE CA Bird Sounds are now in stock at our Audubon House Bookstore. They can also be ordered by mail. For information on the birds covered on the Flash Drives and how to order them by mail, click here. Her set for Learning Western Mountain Bird Sounds has been updated and transferred from a 7-CD set to a single flash drive with worksheets; it is also now in stock at Audubon House.

Bird Embroidery Class - 2018
This Embroidery Cthe lass is now in session.

Sylvia Gallagher will teach a BIRD EMBROIDERY CLASS for at least 8 Saturday mornings during the summer of 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Participants will learn how to select a bird picture, transfer it to cloth, select thread colors, and do the stitches to bring the bird to life. See the class announcement (link above) for the stitches involved and the other details.

Birds of Southern California - 2019
the Introductory Visual Workshop

The BIRDS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Introductory Visual birding skills workshop is offered every fall.

LIST of Birds covered in this workshop.

This ten-week workshop presumes no previous knowledge of birds, but people who have been birding casually for a while should also consider taking it. Four half-day field trips accompany it. All succeeding workshops build on this one.

The class covers the following groups: Birds of the neighborhoods, Birds of playing fields and parking lots, Birds of mudflats and shallow water, Birds of the ocean shore, Birds of the open country, Birds of prey, Birds of the streamside woodland, and Birds of lakes, ponds, and marshes.

The 2018 class will begin the 1st week in October and end the middle week of December. The usual sections are Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, and Thursday evening.

  photo by James Gallagher

Learning CA Bird Sounds - 2020
the Introductory Aural Workshop
The LEARNING CALIFORNIA BIRD SOUNDS workshop is offered in alternate years.The workshop usually begins in January and ends in March.

LIST of Birds covered in this workshop

Prerequisite: Birds of Southern California - the Introductory Visual Workshop or visual familiarity with the common birds on the coastal side of the southern California mountains.

Introduction to the sounds of birds: You will learn to identify the sounds of 60 species of common birds that are frequently heard before they are seen. In the process, you will learn how to describe bird sounds and how to use sonograms (graphs of time vs. frequency) to visualize the sounds. There will also be lectures on the nature of sound and how birds produce it, how birds adapt their sounds to their environment, uses of songs and calls, learned vs. innate sounds, and many other subjects. Many field trips will be offered and you can make your own selection of which ones to attend.

Cactus Wren

  photo by James Gallagher

Western Mountains & Their Birds - 2019

Western Mountains and Their Birds workshop
will begin the week of January 7, 2019. The workshop will cover around 100 species of birds in a wide variety of families — woodpeckers, finches, wrens, nuthatches, grouse, etc. The workshop announcement (see link above) will provide you with detailed information about the workshop.

The VISUAL portion of the workshop will focus on the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast. It will combine the natural history and the birds of these mountain areas. The workshop will begin in January of 2019 and run until May of 2019. The AURAL part of the mountain birds workshop is scheduled for the following year in 2020.

Recommended Books for this workshop

Sign-ups for this workshop were in early December 2018. Of the five class sessions being offered, three of them are now waiting list only. Monday & Wednesday night class still have openings. See class webpage.

Evening Grosbeak
  photo by James Gallagher

Raptor Identification Workshops - presented by William S. Clark
Introductory Workshop: Friday - Sunday, February 22-24, 2019

Intermediate/Advanced Workshop: Friday - Sunday, March 1-3, 2019

Comprehensive workshops on raptor identification will be presented during two weekends in February and March, 2019.  The instructor for the course will be Bill Clark, co-author of Hawks, the raptor field guide in the Peterson series, and the Photographic Guide to North American Raptors.  Bill has been conducting these popular workshops in Orange County and elsewhere for many years.

Although the pace and emphasis will vary with the experience of the participants, both workshops will first cover the basic field marks for the identification of California raptors.  Then, a more thorough coverage of the field ID of Accipiters, eagles, and Buteos will be presented.  Also discussed will be molt and its use in field ID, terminology, albinism and other unusual plumages.  The field ID of vagrants to be expected in California will be covered, as well as how to document their sightings.

Sign-ups for these workshops will be in January 2019.

Learning Mountain Bird Sounds - 2020
This AURAL workshop will focus on learning the sounds of the mountain birds. The workshop will begin in March of 2020 and run until May of 2020. More information on it will posted later.
photo by James Gallagher

Raven Lite 2.0 now available from Cornell
The Raven team has released Raven Lite 2.0! This new free version of Raven represennts a major update, and it includes a number of improvements. (See the list of improvements) Many thanks to Lisa Yang, Sylvia Gallagher, and the other generous donors who made this possible! You can order your free license for Raven Lite 2.0 at: http://store.birds.cornell.edu/Raven_s/20.htm

page updated Feb. 16, 2019

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