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Rare Birds

Bird Problems

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Banded Birds

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Bird & Wildlife Information

Cedar Waxwing
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou

Great Horned Owl
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou

Wilson's Warbler
photo by Dr. Bruce Odou


Bat Information
Summer bat walks in Orange County
Discovering Bats
ID & Ecology of Orange County Bats
Dragonfly Information
Adult Dragonfly Anatomy - Behavior - Lifecycle - Watching Dragonflies
Bee Information
Bob Allen's "What's the Buzz About Bees"
Attracting Birds
Plants that attract birds
When to trim your trees so the birds are not harmed
Bird feeding tips
Types of Hummingbird Feeders

How to control bees at Hummingbird Feeders

How to Care for Hummingbird Feeders
Project FeederWatch
Bird Problems & Care of Nestlings
Preventing bird problems before they start
Great Blue Heron Problems (or - Protecting your koi pond)
What to do with baby birds you find
How to prevent duck problems (for pool owners)
Ducks and geese
Common nesting songbirds in Orange County
Mallards and their ducklings
Baby season for squirrels
Hummingbirds - care of nesting hummingbirds
Open Vertical Pipes Pose Threat to Birds & Wildlife
Banded Birds & Bird Banding
Banded Birds (any birds except pigeons, parrots, etc.)
Banded hawks
Banded Snowy Plovers
Banded (tagged) Turkey Vultures
Banded (tagged) American White Pelicans
Banded Black Skimmers
Banded Lesser Yellowlegs
Bird Counts
Great Backyard Bird Count
Christmas Bird Counts
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary monthly census
UCI Freshwater Preserve monthly census
Upper Newport Bay monthly census
Bird Research
Locating banded hawks
Nesting White-tailed Kites
The Trouble with Kites - article by Pete Bloom, Chris Niemela & Scott Thomas
Monitoring urban nesting raptors 
Monitoring bluebird nest boxes
SJWS Nestbox Program (Tree Swallows)
Least Tern project
Snowy Plover surveys
Urban Bird Studies
Project FeederWatch
Birds of Special Concern
Information on the Loggerhead Shrike
How can I learn more about birds?
Birding classes
Sea & Sage Audubon Field Trips
Gull Identification Chart (for common adult gulls in Orange County)
Owls (an excellent website on owls) 
How and Why Do Birds Get Lost?
Frequently Asked Questions About Birds
Birds of Orange County - website by Peter Bryant with photos by John Avise
Birds & Wildlife Nature Photography - photos by Joe Morlan
Rare birds
Orange County Rare Bird Alert listserv
California Rare Bird listserv
San Diego Regional Birding
CA Inland Counties Bird News
CA County Geographic Birding Guide - This map on Joe Morlan's website shows all the CA counties & provides links to all the regional & county listservs in CA
Birding List Digest - This handy webpage is a nation-wide list of birding listservs separated into regions of the US
Sick or Dead Birds or Mammals
Information about diseases that affect wild birds
West Nile Virus
Beached Marine Mammals - what to do; who to contact
Where to go birding
Good birding locations in Orange County
Spring seabird watching
Sylvia Gallagher's Trip Diaries (2005 - 2011)

updated 5/11/19

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