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American White Pelican

Tagging Project

Since 2007, Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game has banded over 2,000 pre-fledgling pelicans at the two main breeding colonies in the state, with the objective of documenting local movements, migration patterns, and colony fidelity. With theirs wings sporting tags, the young pelicans have been reported almost 500 times. What is the most common state to receive reports from? California! And, Orange County, California has almost 25% of the reports!!

Join IDFG’s Colleen Moulton for a presentation on Idaho’s pelican banding project on Sunday, Dec. 7th at the Learning Center (big gray bldg) at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine. Learn what was expected, what they found, and what may be next! The doors open at 4:00 for snacks and social. The program begins at 4:30 PM. Meet in front of Audubon House at 2:30 PM for a quick walk to look for tagged pelicans at the Marsh.

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