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Tagged Turkey Vultures
The University of California Davis - Wildlife Health Center began a statewide study in 2008 looking at heavy metal exposure in scavenging birds. The Turkey Vulture is one of the species that has been live trapped, tagged, and monitored.
The Turkey Vultures are fitted with "large white with black-numbers" patagial (axillary) tags that are easily visible in flight and when perched. Numbers can usually be easily read with binoculars and/or spotting scopes.
Please report any sightings with exact location, observer's name, date, and tag number to BOTH the Bird Banding Lab Bird Banding Laband these two researchers:
Pete Bloom (master bander)
Terra Kelly
(The BBL (Bird Banding Laboratory) has instructions on how to report the sighting of an axiliary marked bird to the BBL.)
For additional information on projects involving wing-tagged Turkey Vultures, please visit our other webpage on Turkey Vulture research projects.


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